About Your Intrepid Chief Love Advisor

Hey love birds, it’s Laura here – your one and only founder, chief online dating adviser and aspiring matchmaker extraordinaire! 

Welcome to my dating tips



I’m so glad you’re here and excited to share more about myself and what sparked my journey of helping others find love.

My Dating Evolution

Like many early-twenty-somethings, I started out online dating just looking to meet new people and have fun. But as the years rolled on and relationships came and went, I realized I had gained invaluable insights along the way.

Road Tests and Refinements

Between flings and more serious connections, moving cities frequently also provided living social experiments in what really works when putting your best foot forward right out of the gate.
Through trial and error, things really started clicking around year five!

Spreading the Love

Eventually friends began asking me to weigh in on their profiles and dating dilemmas too. That’s when the idea for this blog was born – to share all I’ve learned in one helpful hub.

When I’m not obsessing over algorithms or consultating on matches, you’ll find me doing yoga, bingeing nostalgic shows or cooking up global cuisine. Travel is also a top priority – I love learning about different cultures.

It’s Never Too Late to find your soulmate

my daily dating tips

Meeting “the one” might still elude me but that won’t stop me living with positivity and helping others do the same! My belief is that magic can strike at any time so it’s vital we stay open to surprise.

I hope my insights provide comfort, courage or a needed laugh as you navigate your own journey. Please never hesitate to reach out – I’m always here to listen without judgement too. Wishing you all the very best out there!